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Jay-Z - Do U Wanna Ride

Izvajalec besedila pesmi je Jay-Z, besedilo pesmi je iz albuma Kingdom Come.

This Is The Operation With A Collect Call From... Emery Jones
To Accept The Charges Press 1... Now

[Intro: Jay-Z]
Emery What Up
Told You I Aint Too Good With Writtin Letters And All
Shit I Dont Even Write Rhymes
But What I Will Do
Im Guna Sing You This Open Scribe Through The Airwaves
Vibe With Me

[Hook: John Legend]
I Know
I Know
Some Places We Can Go
Some Places We Can Go
I Know
I Know
Some Places We Can Go,
Some Places We Can Go
Do U Wanna Ride?
With Me
Do U Wanna Ride?
With Mee

[Jay-Z: Echo Of Chorus]
Uh Huh
Uh Huh
Yeah Nigga I Been Places You Got Ddreams Of Bein Here
I Said We Cause Im Here You Here
Ride With Me
Your Spot Is Reserved Family
Zigga Red Boats, Yachts
Aint No Where We Cant Go
We In South Beach And The Hamptons Too Baby

[Verse 1: Jay-Z]
You Know Why They Call A Project A Project , Because Its A Project
An Experiment, Wearing It, Only Its Objects
And The Object For Us To Explore Our Prospects
Side-Step Cops On The Way To The Top (Yes!)
As Kids We Wuld Day Dream Sittin On Our Steps
Pointin At Cars Like Yea Thats Our Sex
Husstla's Prophets Made Our Eyes Stretch
So On Some Dr. Spock Shit We Started Our Trek
Some Of Us Made It Most Of Us Die A-Breast
In The Name Of Those Who Aint Layed In My Progress
Show Success Please Live Through Me
See Im The Eyes For Em-Er-Y
Keep Him Alive
(This Is A Collect Call From...)
So Everytime I Press Five All He Wanna Hear Is His Boy Talk Fly
Up In The Fast But Still Holdin His Head
So When He Hits The Streets We Gon Eat Through This Bread

[John Legend:]
I Know
I Know
Some Places We Can Go
Some Places We Can Go
I Know
I Know
Some Places We Can Go,
Some Places We Can Go
Do U Wanna Ride?
With Mee
Do U Wanna Ride?
With Mee

Uh Huh
Im Crushen Em All Award Shows
Mtv, Bet, Grammys
Crush Lennen...?
All That Fly Shit We Talked About
Given Em Those Natural With Pinkey Rings With Blue Diamonds And Everything
Thats What We Talkin Bout Right
Uh Huh
I Tried To Told You

Ride With Me
International Hov I Told You So
Fourty Fourties Out In Tokyo,
Singapore, All This From Singin Songs
Coming Up Though , He Thought Slingin Raw
Was The End All Be All To Bein Ritch Didnt We
Little Did I Know My More Potent Delivery
Would Deliver Me
Kingpin Of The Ink Pen
Monster Of The Double Entendre
Coke Is Still My Sponser
(Hah) A-Cola
Hova Still Geting It In With Soda
Diet; No Sir I Aint Lose No Way
Started From The Crates Now Sittin On The Whole Case
Since They Got You Sittin On That Old Case
Our Dreams Is On Hold Like T-Vo
So I Cant Wait Til You Get Your Date
I Got Some Tint Plates Outside Of The Gate
We Gon' Ride

[John Legend:]
I Know
I Know
Some Places We Can Go
Some Places We Can Go
I Know
I Know
Some Places We Can Go,
Some Places We Can Go
Do U Wanna Ride?
With Mee
Do U Wanna Ride?
With Mee

Uh Huh
Uh Huh
Dont Even Worry About It Though
You Aint Missin Nuthing
It Only Gets Better
They Got The Maybach Coupe Now
Look Like The Batmobile
Phantom Top Just Comes Off That Joint
It Only Gets Better
Think About Your Body ...? Keep Your Spirit Alive Keep Read Your Books
Matter Of Fact Let Me Take You Some Where, Ride With Me

Now Me And My Little Moma Keyed In Tata
One Of Them Days In St Tropez
With Jay Wanna Go-Wana
Sneakin Marajuana
You Know That Mary J Give You No Drama
Lost A Couple Friends This Whole Shit Got Weird
But When You Get Home You Know Your Spots Reserved
You Hear
I Put My Niggas On
My Niggas Put They Niggas On
Now We All Some Where Foreign
Chillin Sippin Sum'in
I Aint Forget You Cuzin

[Outro: John Legend]
Some Places We Can Go
Places We Can Go
I Know
I Know
Some Places We Can Go
Some Paces We Can Go
Do You Wanna Ride
With Me
Do You Wanna Ride
With Mee

[Outro: Jay-Z]
Yeah Nigga Y'all Can Wear Sneekers On As Big As You Want To
Yall Niggas Comin Cmon Playin Money Marathon
My Young'in Is Labron
You Know What That Makes Me Baby
Big Homie (Haha)
Emery Whats Up (Yeah)
You Wanna Ride With Us
Your More Than Welcome
Layin On Them Bullshit
We're So Sukker Free Tho
Big Tie I See You Too Boy
Guru I Dont Usually Do This But , Roll Me Up Sumthin Man
Let Me Get Mellow On This Shit Right Here
Yeah Uh Huh
Yeah Uh Huh
White Paper Tho Cant Even Fuck With Those Blunts
White Paper Baby
Old School Nigga
Gimme A Joint
Smooth It Out Young Ho
Emery Jones

Ogledujete si besedilo pesmi Do U Wanna Ride, lahko pa si ogledate še ostale pesmi in besedila izvajalca Jay-Z.



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