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Eminem - My Fault

Izvajalec besedila pesmi je Eminem.

* Eminem does the voices of all characters in the song *

[G] Eminem as Susan (the girl)

[D] Eminem as Dave

[J] Eminem as John

[R] Eminem as Ron

Chorus: repeat 2X {Eminem singing}

I never meant to give you mushrooms girl

I never meant to bring you to my world

Now you sitting in the corner crying

And now it's my fault my fault


I went to John's rave with Ron and Dave

And met a new wave blonde babe with half of her head shaved

A nurse aid who came to get laid and tied up

with first aid tape and raped on the first date

Susan -- an ex-heroin addict who just stopped usin

who love booze and alternative music (Whattup?)

Told me she was goin back into usin again (Nah!)

I said, "Wait, first try this hallucinogen

It's better than heroin, Henn, the booze or the gin

C'mere, let's go in here" *knocks on the door*

"Who's in the den?"

[R] "It's me and Kelly!"

"My bad, (sorry) let's try another room"

[G] I don't trust you!

"Shut up slut! Chew up this mushroom

This'll help you get in touch with your roots

We'll get barefoot, buttnaked, and run in the woods

[G] Oh hell, I might as well try em, this party is so drab

"Oh dag!!"

[G] What?

"I ain't mean for you to eat the whole bag!"

[G] Huh?!

Chorus: 1st repeat Em says "I'm sorry!" at the end

2nd repeat same as original Chorus

"Yo Sue!"

[G] Get away from me, I don't know you

Oh shoot, she's tripping..

[G] I need to go puke!! (Bleahh!)

I wasn't tryin to turn this into somethin major

I just wanted to make you appreciate nature

Susan, stop cryin, I don't hate ya

The world's not against you, I'm sorry your father raped you

So what you had your little coochie in your dad's mouth?

That ain't no reason to start wiggin and spaz out

She said,

[G] Help me I think I'm havin a seisure!

I said, "I'm high too bitch, quit grabbin my t-shirt" (Let go!)

"Would you calm down you're startin to scare me"

She said,

[G] I'm twenty-six years old and I'm not married

I don't even have any kids and I can't cook

(Hello!) I'm over here Sue, (hi) you're talkin to the plant, look!

We need to get to a hospital 'fore it's too late

Cause I never seen no-one eat as many shrooms as you ate

Chorus: 1st repeat Em says "Whoops!" after first line

and "It was an accident!" at the end

2nd repeat same as original Chorus

Susan (wait!) Where you goin? You better be careful

[G] Leave me alone dad, I'm sick of gettin my hair pulled

I'm not your dad, quit tryin to swallow your tongue

Want some gum? Put down the scissors, 'fore you do somethin dumb

I'll be right back just chill baby please?

I gotta go find Dave he's the one who gave me these

"John, where's Dave at before I bash you?"

[J] He's in the bathroom; I think he's takin a crap dude!

"Dave! Pull up your pants, we need an ambulance

There's a girl upstairs talkin to plants

choppin her hair off, and there's only two days left

of Spring Break, how long do these things take to wear off?"

[D] Well it depends on how may you had

"I took three, she ate the other twenty-two caps

Now she's upstairs cryin out her eyeballs, drinkin Lysol"

[D] She's gonna die dude

"I know and it's my fault!"

[D] My god!!!

Chorus: 1st repeat Em says "I'm sorry!" after second line

and "What do I do?" at the end

2nd repeat same as original Chorus

My God, I'm so sorry!

I'm so sorry! Susan please wake up!

Please! Please wake up!! What are you doing?!

You're not dead!! You're NOT dead!

I know you're not dead! Oh my God!

Susan wake up! Oh God...

Ogledujete si besedilo pesmi My Fault, lahko pa si ogledate še ostale pesmi in besedila izvajalca Eminem.



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