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Izvajalec besedila pesmi je Eminem.

[ma opinion] doin dis cuz im bored

(ehhh.. dis song is disin Eminem awww :(
o ye n he aint gay ya stupid f*g...he don like u!!!aha dats hurten!

Written and produced at sound break dot com...

[sum lady]

will the real scott thompson please stand up..
please stand up
oooohhh dear..
I think we're gona have a problem here..

[some gay f*g who thinks eminem likes ye keep dreamin
[first letter]

Dear eminem..i still havent heard back from you
but thats ok
i undertand you..cause i do it too
im always on the road like tom jones
i expect i'll be hearing from you pretty soon though..
cause i included a self-addressed envelope,
along with some stamps..
and just incase, i also put in my e-mail adress:
.com (aha wut a loser!!)
i still think your da bomb still with vince
ooh thats right! you havent met him!
If we ever adopt a special needs mix-raced child..
were gona name him eminem!!!

i hear youre divorcing Kim
i always thought you looked better with him!
dre completes you..
in the middle is where he meets you
I bet he had you
..and yo! dude!..
its so rare to have a black man stick around..
believe me,i know! (what a total f*g eh?)
hang onto him Marshal!

Everyone says im a dope for loving you like i do(o scott u have no idea!)
They say youre homo-fobic
i say your not!!(ehhh dats enuf budi nomore wit da eminem dises!)

Sincerly yours,Your Biggest Gay Fan,Scott

[chorus:]aaahhha dis chorus is pure jokes!!
your so angry all the timeee
i just dont see the point
even when i see your photos..
you've always gota scow
even if i could be as close as dre
would you ever smile at all?
this concerns me..
are you straight or gay?
straight or gaay (um.. ye hes straight so back off ur scarin me)

[second verse]

Dear mr. ive gotten a little too big for my riches..
well here it month later and still no letter
(k wut is dis guy..does he got pms or somethin?jeese..)
its not really me its more my mother..
she thinks we look good together(eh r u sure ur mom aint a gay f*g 2?)
i think you look good in leather
thats just me though..

remember that night you didn't play at madison square?
my mom and i were there!
thanks! (im sure its his pleasure)
my mom got a cold after that (
i hope you get fat!
i love you marshal..
but i hate you slim
vince is so jealous of you..
he doesnt understand that its true..
that rap-ers can be gay(srri but dis one aint gay)
well..not gay like gay-gay
but gay like..
dude that shirt is so gay!(dats my defenition of gay..)

sometimes i think to myself..
what if you were ugly?
would i still be in love with you like i am?
or am i that shallow?

let me just rap-up another letter that you wont return of course..
by saying that im voting for britteny at the mtv awards(thats iight cuz im votin em!)

Oh! P.S tell nursy dre that elton and george send there love

[chorus:]haha its still jokes!
your so angry all the timeee
i just dont see the point
even when i see your photos..
you've always gota scow
even if i could be as close as dre
would you ever smile at all?
this concerns me..
are you straight or gay?
straight or gaay (STRAIGHT!!)

[Verse 3:]
Dear mr..
Im so hardcore to come outa the closet cause..
i dont wana loose my street fame with the homies:
but inside im just a n'sync loving sweet little giirll(naw dats nuff outa u)
i can no-longer continue with this one-sided relationship anymore Marshal
and i have decided this is the last you'll ever hear from me..
nnooo im not gona kill myself you idiot!!(damn!)
i killed my boyfriend vince
i did! (um hm BS!!)
i guess i just got so sick and tired of defending your fat (skiny) ass!
and so i-i-i beat him to death with the juicer (lmao s-t-t-u-d-d-er)

hey pumpkin im home i uh..

[gay fag scott]
vince! shh!
would you please get outa here im pouting (aww babes dont pout haha)
dinner's in the oven just put it in the microwave ok?


hes not dead but he could be!
im not angry!
i just drank a fifth of carrot juice
dare me to drive!!!(ohh please no we dont want u 2 try n pik up fags!)
well i would..
but i cant drive stick
mmother tells me that i should just walk away
you know like that song by the vangels? walk like an egyption?
but without the egyption part..
(da gay fag cries)

let me tell you something..
youd better watch it b..
cause you could easily get fat.
oo..oooo.oo your skinny now!
cause your young (ewww its a pedafile!watch out marshal!!)
but you'll get fat
oo trust me
and i cant wait for that day..
i cant wait to see your duet with pebo..
or s-s-s-ee you in one of those casinos..slim shady
more like fat shady!!( dont embaress urself scott)
i hate you fattyy
you are so fat!! (oo careful now dont cry dere scott)
i-i hate you!
llllove you!! (dats more like it)
i hate you
i love you
i hate you
i love you
i hate you
i love you
i hate you..
(da fag continues to embaress himself)

ok listen up dere budi no one cares about whar your saying about em
ya and for all you peoples who dont care what i have to say..
then go hook up with scott over here if he can make up his mind
whether or not he hates eminem
but ye thanks for reading my opinions and stuff...
iight peace!..(o ye i didnt double check it so there might be some
mistakes if u see sum send one at ma email above cya!)

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