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Izvajalec besedila pesmi je DANDROUGH.

Going out to the hard-core Hip-Hop,
yeah, Dandrough in the house, nahmsayin'
check the lyrics...

Well, my name is Ezy-G and yo I hate to admit it,
takin' out you suckers and I don't know how I did it,
I guess it's just a part of tha funkadelic game,
Ezy-G is the name maybe the livest in game,
I'd like to give a shoutout to the rappers that suck,
you ain't got no flava cuz you punk mothafuck,
like I said on my first record "yo what's on?"
seekity syke - a answer's better diggity diggity duck,
to all you sucker emcees that exist no need to duck down,
because B is comin' at your ass so better buck down,
I been all around the world round and round,
and watch the emcees so wack as a clown,
can you dig it fool? it's the 88 flava hard-core,
and if you buy our record I'ma give it more,
listen to my lyrics and my peeps no need for war,
but hey shorty yall needs to know what you fight for,
check out the new type of shit as I kick it,
with my man Javnik yeah we gon' rip it!,
know - that's the old style, I'ma break it up - YEAH,
and work it for a while...

Bring It In - one time for your mothafuckin' mind,
Bring It In - two times for your fake ass rhymes,
Bring It In - three times for those who through the hard times,
when MB is the house we always kick some dope rhymes

Bring It In one time and when you do - take it back yo,
my name is Bigga J and I be back in effect - word,
it's been a long time since I made my first jam,
but nigga now I got flava and I'm ready to slam,
gettin' fly hoes, only specialized pros,
they be suckin my *cock* and gettin' down to my *balls*,
but I don't really wanna talk bitch ass shit,
cuz I hear it every day and I'm really gettin' sick of it,
let's get down with the funky sound yo,
bring your ass here - let's jump around,
you see - I never come wack on the old school track,
always payin' for respect like my nigga Craig Mack,
workin' hard as hell just for keepin' it real,
I be tryin' very hard to get - a record deal,
kickin' dope rhymes, slammin' fat beats,
now I got a fancy car and I got a classy crib,
I'm sippin' on 40's but I never smoke blunts,
nigga drug shit is wack and it's gettin down to the guns,
and you know them diggety guns, they can get your ass killed,
but I don't wanna die I'm too busy being real,
many young fools can't resist the temptation,
they be gettin' real high and then they'll do probation,
street life is tough man you gotta be straight,
if you're addicted you'll be diggin' your grave,
now you need a lot of money just to get your ass high,
if you don't give none you can kiss it goodbye,
now that's how it is on the Maribor streets,
yo you can be happy if you got warm sheets...


Yeah and we out, Dandrough...

Ogledujete si besedilo pesmi BRING, IT IN / LYRICS, lahko pa si ogledate še ostale pesmi in besedila izvajalca DANDROUGH.



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